Odyceo Consult, it is more than 28 years of experience in studies, water treatment plants design and construction’s projects in the field of water production.

Odyceo Consult supports you in your projects and in all your issues related to the production of drinking water, in order to guarantee sanitary quality to consumers.
Based in the Lyon region, Odyceo Consult can operate throughout France, but also abroad as part of specific missions.
Odyceo Consult has many fields of competence: Groundwater and surface water treatment, seawater desalination.
The themes that can be studied are as follows :

  • Turbidity and suspended solids treatment (surface water, karst resources),
  • Treatment of undesirable elements: iron, manganese, ammonium, nitrates, arsenic…,
  • Treatment of micropollutants and their metabolites: pesticides, herbicides, molluscicides…,
  • Organic matter processing (TOC),
  • Optimization of processes to limit the formation of undesirable by-products (chloramines, THM, chlorites, chlorates, nitrites, etc.),
  • Mineralization, carbonate balance of water: softening, decarbonation, remineralization, neutralization, balancing,
  • Tastes and odors on the water distribution network.
  • Activities

    Odyceo Consult is attentive to your needs, analyzes your problems, advices in appropriate technical solutions, makes budget estimates (CAPEX and OPEX) and can realise training.

    Audits, Technical studies

  • Study of construction of new water treatment plants (WTP)
  • Rehabilitation of existing WTP
  • Evolution studies of existing WTP
  • Sizing of works and equipment
  • Raw water and treated water quality analysis
  • Chemical treatment simulations
  • Carbonate balance calculations
  • Performance indicators calculations
  • Energy consumption mapping
  • Operating assistance

  • Equipements inventory
  • Operating diagnostics, suggestions for improvements
  • Optimization of consumables consumption (chemicals, energy)
  • Improvement of hydraulic efficiency of WTP
  • Implementation of dashboards and indicators for monitoring the performance of WTP
  • Drafting of operating instructions manuals
  • Training

  • Development of specific training modules on the topic of drinking water production
  • Training in monitoring the performance of WTP, implementation of indicators
  • Training as part of the start-up of new production units
  • Budget estimates

  • Costing of construction or improvement works
  • Calculation of operating costs
  • The expert's corner

    Several solutions for each issue: Odyceo Consult supports you in making the best choices.

    How to limit the phenomenon of red water ?

    If it does not present a health risk, iron effectively causes disorders on the water distribution network: clogging, then unhooking of matter, appearance of color and tastes ...


    Optimizing the water losses of drinking water treatment plants

    The water losses of a WTP include : clarification sludge, washing and maturing water from filters, backwashing water from membrane processes, waste water from preparation of reagents, etc.


    Transform chemical units

    Find a correspondence table as well as the molar masses and valences of some elements.


    Transform physical units

    Find the particle size of the GACs, the correspondence of flow units, pressure ... and the Anglo-Saxon units.


    Concentrate and other waste disposals from SWRO plants

    This high environmental quality plants approach involves new desalination plant projects, as well as those existing. By searching for the best solutions to protect the environment, operating costs can be quite often subsequently improved.


    Desalination of seawater by reverse osmosis: innovations made and future

    As the demand for water, whether for drinking water or for agriculture and industry, is growing, resources are increasingly demanded.


    Seawater desalination by reverse osmosis: the real energy needs

    Almost half of operating cost of seawater reverse osmosis plants is used for electricity consumption. It is therefore important to control this expenditure and, above all, to evaluate it


    Importance and impact of post treatments on design and operation of SWRO plants

    Permeate quality of SWRO plants is suitable neither for drinking water nor for irrigation purpose : treatments must be adjusted to decrease boron concentration and post-treatments are required to improve water mineralization in order to correct its corrosiveness tendency.


    Saving energy in reverse osmosis seawater desalination plants : possibilities and limits

    If the technologies exist to reduce the energy bill, choices should appropriate for each case, taking into account the specific technical, economic and environmental data that is highly variable from one site to another.


    Sand filters: optimizing their performance

    In a drinking water plant, sand filters often play an essential role. It is therefore important to seek to optimize their performance, both in terms of their design and their operation, in order to improve the quality of the filtered water and minimize water losses.


    Filtration sand

    The sand must meet specific requirements in order to be suitable for filtration. It is also necessary to know its characteristics in order to choose the best sand for application foreseen.


    Water temperature, an important parameter for the production of drinking water

    It is important to know the temperature of the water and its seasonal variations, in order to be able to optimize the treatments, the sizing of the equipment as well as the operating methods.


    Description of different water intakes for SWRO plants

    The two main seawater intake modes, i.e. indirect or direct intake, are described and compared, on the basis of technical-economical considerations, to help making the most appropriate choice, taking into account pumping flowrate capacity in each case.



    Some examples of recent achievements :


    Study of the transformation of a flotation tank into a clarifier


    Engineering studies for Valedeau potable water treatment plant


    Study of water quality in the territory of Grésivaudan


    Diagnosis of the operation of the Serezin de la Tour iron removal plant


    Studies for the construction project of the new Buron drinking water production plant in Montsûrs


    Diagnosis of Tombana and Soarana water treatment plants


    Study for improvement of acetamides metabolites treatment (pesticides)


    Preliminary study for turbidity and organic matter treatment


    Diagnosis of SWRO Galisbay’s Plant


    Engineering studies for St Brieuc potable water treatment plant


    MAYOTTE : Diagnosis of SWRO Pamandzi’s Plant


    Diagnosis of Latour’s potable water treatment plant in Chambon Feugerolles

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